Exterior Wood Repair Flower Mound TX

Exterior Wood and Trim Repair in Flower Mound, TX


We are experts at all types of wood, masonite, and Hardie board siding and trim repairs and installation.  I began framing 5000sqft custom homes in the mid 90’s and have installed any and all types of wood, siding, and trim on the exterior of homes.  In the Flower Mound area, we mostly replace lots of rotten soffit, cedar and masonite fascia, masonite siding, and pine trim boards.  For a more permanent solution,  I often use a similar style concrete board in place of the rotten wood or masonite.   Unfortunately, many of the older homes have a 3 tiered siding that is not available in a concrete board, but there is a more durable match that I use in its place.  If you are in need of exterior wood repair in the Flower Mound area, have me over for your Free estimate.


Chimney Repair Flower Mound


As far as exterior carpentry in the Flower Mound area goes, I probably rebuild more chimneys than anything else.  I usually do these repairs myself because I have been walking around on roofs my whole life.  No matter how steep the roof, what the pitch is, I can always get the job done.  One corner most other painters and handyman cut is replacing the board underneath the cap.  These boards are almost always rotten and loaded with layers of caulk and paint.  My philosophy is if I see a rotten piece of wood and my job is to replace the rotten wood, then I don’t try to hide it,  I replace it.  Check out this pick below.  It sure would have been a lot easier to caulk this cap trim and cover it with paint, after all, no one else is going to see it.  After I am done with replacing the trim on  I usually paint the entire chimney, not just the boards I replaced.  Hey, I am already up there.  No overspray or paint jobs left behind either and nails and debris swept and cleaned up.

I also replace rotten siding or if you want to go with a more durable, long-lasting alternative we can strip it and replace with Hardie (concrete board) siding and trim.  If you are needing your chimney repaired in the Flower Mound area give me a call for your free estimate.